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Alison F.

Megan Powell is warm, funny, direct and, above all, so very relatable.  She urges us to consider a “daily gratitude practice that comes from the heart”; to deny that negative inner voice and to “breathe…relax…and feel gratitude”.

After listening to Megan’s Transformation talk, I feel so very grateful for the wisdom and love she has to share. Thank you, Megan!

Elaine S.

Megan is a skillful, dynamic presence in working with groups. She is deeply perceptive, intuitive, open-hearted and wise. I greatly appreciate the work I have done with her which has helped me cut through blocks to being fully alive. Thank you, Megan!

Steve L.

I have to honestly say that I was wowed by your appearance and heart centered talk at this women’s conference. I felt that some of your story was my story. Thank you for sharing and making the journey less lonely.

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