Bites of wisdom!


05 Steps to have my best year ever!

I am determined to make each day of 2017 count. and here is my 05 steps plan.

1st) Gratitude is more than a word. I am making it a living reality, by breathing it, thinking about it, speaking words of gratitude. It brings magic!

2nd) Movement is essential. I love yoga and I plan to be on my mat as often as possible. It feels so good.

3rd) Eating good stuff. Do I need to say more? We all strive to fill the space between “good” and “healthy”. So, green veggies please.

4th) Work, serving, helping others, whatever is done with love is no work. I swear to put my heart in whatever I do, either cleaning the floors or creating a new renovation project.

5th) I will take nothing for granted. Living here in the now, reconnecting to this moment again and again. Life is sacred and we only live once.

How about you? What are your plans for this new year?