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5 Things I know about you
1. You’re committed to finding meaning in life.
2. You’re on the path of growth and leveling up.
3. You’re here to play big.
4. You’re kind, loving, caring and very passionate about helping people.
5. You think you’re at a slower pace than you thought you should be.
Does this sound right? Here are 3 steps for you to take right now:
1. Download a free guided Meditation for Busy People 
You may be thinking: “I’m not good at meditation.” Don’t you worry. The mind always benefits from meditation. We finish the practice feeling calm and centered. Even if through out the process there are noise and turbulence. Trust me, there is increasing peace with meditation, and none without it.
2. Access my free Gratitude Cheat Sheet 
Because all starts with a grateful heart. It’s a gateway to freedom of all things negative: thoughts, people, situations. Trust me: you need this one!
3. Knock off life!
One week at a time with many breaths and pauses in between.
Receive inspiring words every Friday. They’ll push a reset button and you go about your  weekend with peace of mind. You can’t miss it! 
Rest assured that these 03 are essential for a badass life. 
Oh, by the way this is an About Me page..

How to pop confidence when you need most?

...and another FAQs

“Who are you?”
Hi I’m Megan Powell, freaking crazy about self growth.
After 1000 books later. Flipping homes for decades. Hundreds of hours leading workshops and coaching sessions I learned few things.
Let me tell you, I learned my lessons. And I love to spread the word and joy I acquired on a path. My commitment is to give it ALL!
I’m a emotional healing coach. I help people gain presence from inside out.
“What is this place?”
This is a place for shining souls.
Get drops of wisdom on blogs, freebies and online courses that assist you to shine your light in the world.
Make yourself at home and take a look:
  • You’ll find tips for your personal growth.
  • Resources to shut down the chatter of your busy mind.
  • Knowledge to stand out from the crowd in your business.
  • Or receive a regular bonus: nuggets of inspiration.
You may stick around. In case you want to claim your life purpose. Lead with confidence, or deepen your spiritual practices. I’m here with all the training and resources you need.
“Why should I care?”
In fact, you don’t need to. Yet, consider fill your days with inner peace. Natural aliveness, more moolah in your wallet, or to shine your light in a big way, you’ll find all here. Relax and breathe!
“Where is your accent from?”
I know you’d ask that question. I’m from a tropical country in South America. I was born and raised in Brazil. 
“Is it true that the only possession you brought to the US was an Italian recipe book?”
Yep! And I don’t even like to cook. I had to figure out my mysterious brain. I spent over 20 years on a spiritual search. Learning this soul stuff that makes us fascinated humans.
“I’m in. What should I do next?”
Check out my coaching and courses ​Here.​ Let’s go conquer the world!

10 Fun facts…

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was terrified about the cold weather.
When people ask me where I’m from, I love to say: “I’m from the South.”
When I started to understand American songs I felt like I won the lottery ticket.
Once I could not understand my own voice message.
Obsessed with herbs and home remedies. I don’t put on my face ingredients I can’t pronounce.
Love a very good cup of Joe in the morning. 
Cuddle with my pooch named Coconut is a must.
Simply love to spend time in my backyard.
I’m a yoga junkie and there is nothing more comfortable than my yoga pants. 
I found Coconut, my puppy, being sold at a parking lot.


Megan, I delighted in watching this presentation about gratitude and transformation. The revelation that gratitude is emotional intelligence and opens the heart, provides another tool to use when the harsh voices start their attacks. Thank you for the invitation to step into the garden of my heart
Veterinarian, Virginia
Wow! I love watching your video message of life transformation which is powerful and personal. The wisdom of gratitude becomes so accessible as you tell your story crisis and resolution. Your courage, vulnerability and commitment is poignant–a great lesson for any of us to remember as we navigate our own challenges. Waiting for your next reveal.
Project Manager - Maryland
Megan Powell has a uniquely positive explanation on how gratitude helped her deal with the emotions of negative thoughts that we all get in our life. She is funny and brings laughter to the audience. I will work on thinking about creating gratitude for myself. Thank you for opening up a new way to help us be happier in our lives.
Accountant - Colorado
Megan Powell is warm, funny, direct and, above all, so very relatable. She urges us to consider a "daily gratitude practice that comes from the heart"; to deny that negative inner voice and to "breathe...relax...and feel gratitude". After listening to Megan's Transformation talk, I feel so very grateful for the wisdom and love she has to share. Thank you, Megan! - Ali Flanagan
Teacher - Maryland
Megan is a skillful, dynamic presence in working with groups. She is deeply perceptive, intuitive, open-hearted and wise. I greatly appreciate the work I have done with her which has helped me cut through blocks to being fully alive. Thank you, Megan!
Education Tutor - Virginia
I have to honestly say that I was wowed by your appearance and heart centered talk at this women's conference. I felt that some of your story was my story. Thank you for sharing and making the journey less lonely.
Yoga studio owner - Maryland


Megan Powell ​ is an emotional healing coach, speaker, world traveler, and passionate student of life. She is ever curious how science, philosophy and psychology merge to explain and bring out the best of human experience on this Earth. Megan has been studying the human mind and behavior for over two decades. She has applied these tools in her own life. Megan has a booming one-to-one coaching practice and leads personal development retreats all over the world.

"Allow your Presence to Radiate Love"

Megan Powell

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