Now, the truth about Gratitude!

How Daily Gratitude Changed my Life

I Vowed 1000 Days of daily Gratitude Practice!

Here is what I know from the past 415 days of daily Gratitude practice.

It blew my mind when 90 days into daily Gratitude practice life began to change in a real fast track.

In the past year all areas of my life changed dramatically as a result of this daily Gratitude practice: I got a new career, better health, deeper relationships and amazing. It was exciting!

Then I vowed to share my secret with everyone!!!

…Because all starts with daily Gratitude!

Most people think that gratitude is an act of kindness or a social etiquette.

What people don’t know is the depth that lays behind the word “thank you” or an act of kindness. There is so much more to it.

Very few people know the real nature of Gratitude.

When you read the success story of high achieving people they all stress the need to be grateful.

Every one of them understood that daily gratitude is essential for a life of fulfillment, even though they don’t know the reason why.

You are finally going to understand the mechanics of this practice.

It is like baking cookies. Even though we don’t know why mixing certain ingredients turn the dough into a delicious cookie, the fact is that it does.

If one of those ingredients is missing for instance: eggs or baking powder the cookies don’t turn out right.

Most of us don’t know chemistry deep enough to understand why mixing those ingredients make baking cookies a success.

However, if we know the reason why certain ingredients are key to baking cookies we will master the art of baking cookies faster.

The same with daily gratitude. We read the celebs saying how important it is, we repeat the formula and bingo it works. Our lives improve!!

It is this simple!

The same reasoning for baking cookies applies here.

When we understand the true nature of Gratitude we master the art of our lives with more grace.

Are you READY for a BIG surprise?

First a quick lesson in Quantum Physics (QP.)

According to QP nothing in the Universe is solid.

Everything is energy.

The entire Universe is made out of energy.

To cut through the chase, Gratitude is more than a feeling or an act of kindness.

Gratitude is an ENERGY! Actually one of the highest frequencies of the Universe, vibrating just below love.

And when we vibrate in the same wave length as Gratitude does, we manifest the life we are longing for.

Isn’t this COOL?

It makes me want to dance and sing!!!

It is the explanation I was seeking when my life started to turn upside down for the better and in such a fast way I could not control.

I want to share this info with you because there is always something in life we long for:

Confidence, sleep better, less anxiety, more friends and love.

…And so much MORE

You can have a meaningful career, more time off to enjoy your kids, a dream vacations, new cars.

And the BEST of all Live your Life PURPOSE.

I know that some or you may feel skeptical about this.

It may sound like a froo-froo conversation.

I think this reaction is completely normal when we are dealing with concepts that spin our brain around.

For those people, I invite you to read some of Quantum Physics theories.

Click the link below to read more about Quantum Physics.

How to access the energy of Gratitude?

There are several ways to open up and connect with the energy of Gratitude.

However, you must have a daily practice to manifest real transformation.

First, start your daily gratitude by vappreciating everything around you.

  • Appreciate people: ourselves, our bodies, partners, spouses, boss, colleagues,  kids, pets
  • Belongings: house, furniture, car, clothe we wear, our kids,
  • And the list goes on.

When we immerse ourselves int this process of appreciation, our vibration rises. We open the doors of the heart to find Gratitude there, waiting for us.

I know I am ONE with Gratitude.

Nature is great to access the energy of Gratitude.

I love seating in my back yard to do my daily Gratitude practice.

Specially in the Summer where the birds and critters are humming.

There is green all around, a luscious blue sky, those puffy clouds, the scent of a flowers.

They open my heart with joy.

In that moment: when my heart is bursting with the beauty all around me, my whole senses are engaged.

I am vibrating in a highest frequency of the Universe.

Here are few reasons why

Here is the thing: you have the power to invite Gratitude at any given time.

First of all because it feels good.

Second for rising your energy level. Then you become a magnet and will attract the right people and circumstances.

It feels like life flows with MAGIC.

Try for yourself. Start NOW!! You deserve to feel good, confident and joyful.

Last, when you are joyful you relax, those around you relax as well.

I invite you to start a daily Gratitude practice and and see the results unfolding before your eyes. yourself.

It takes ONLY five minutes of your day, and the outcomes are AMAZING!!

Suggestions for your daily Gratitude practice.

Mark on your calendar a startup and ending date. (I recommend at least 21 days.)

Next, set the time on your phone.

After that, choose a place where you will be alone and uninterrupted.

Have pen and paper handy.

Turn off all your devices.

Listen to the FREE Gratitude meditation I sent you.

Or click HERE to download now.

Finally choose an element to appreciate: a person, a pet, nature, the abundance of your life, even the power of your own breath.

Pour appreciation ‘till you feel your heart opening up and blossoming.

Then say: “Thank You!”

In that moment you are a magnet organically attracting all of your wishes and desires.

Bring to mind a dream or a goal and thanks the Universe, because they are coming to fruition soon.

Check out this video

Bites of wisdom!


05 Steps to have my best year ever!

I am determined to make each day of 2017 count. and here is my 05 steps plan.

1st) Gratitude is more than a word. I am making it a living reality, by breathing it, thinking about it, speaking words of gratitude. It brings magic!

2nd) Movement is essential. I love yoga and I plan to be on my mat as often as possible. It feels so good.

3rd) Eating good stuff. Do I need to say more? We all strive to fill the space between “good” and “healthy”. So, green veggies please.

4th) Work, serving, helping others, whatever is done with love is no work. I swear to put my heart in whatever I do, either cleaning the floors or creating a new renovation project.

5th) I will take nothing for granted. Living here in the now, reconnecting to this moment again and again. Life is sacred and we only live once.

How about you? What are your plans for this new year?

A spiritual journey of love and healing

A  spiritual journey of love and healing

Are you longing for spiritual awakening and enrichment? For greater self-honesty and self-acceptance? Are you longing for support in your transformation process?

Let’s  starts where you are. As we follow the thread of your current situation, you will find your way back to your true self. It will be am amazing journey to discover your soul, while softening unresourceful defenses along the way.  In this  process of deepening awareness, seeking your authentic voice, and opening the heart, organic changes arise immediately with intentional inner work.

Your sincere intention helps you find peace and courage to meet everyday challenges.  Being in touch with own our wisdom enables you to live fully and love boldly.  These insightful teachings enhance and enliven your spiritual life, regardless of your religion or spiritual philosophy.

Are you growing and becoming happier?

I want to share about what a spiritual journey is, how we know we are following one, and to send you an invitation.

A spiritual journey is basically coming back to live from our heart…to live from that place of joy and peace that is possible in this life.

A spiritual path is made one step at a time as we employee our faculties of the mind we bring in a sense of exploration, curiosity and adventure.

It’s a step. And we take one step at a time investigating the layers that cover our hearts from that sense of joy. And that exploration feels very, very exciting sometimes, as well as scary.

So if you’re feeling excited and scared all at the same time, you are on the right path.

You are growing and becoming much happier and a sense of purpose and joy and peace

Because in this life that’s what we came here to do– to find everlasting peace, everlasting purpose.

It’s a step on this plan with a sense of “I belong here. And this is my life so it matters, my life matters.”

So I invite you,  I invite you to grow and discover what makes you happy, truly happy and to bring that curiosity and courage to really remove the layers that block your heart from shining.

This is Megan Powell with from within. Thank you for listening.


Change is inevitable!! Better to move with the flow, than to resist it.

Even though my desire is to hold on to my way, for all the reasons my mind can come up with. The point is that resisting change does not work.

However if we cooperate with inevitable change, it may not be so bad. We tap into a powerful aspect of Life.: the power of transformation.

Where we can become less fearful and more alive and empowered.

Join me in this journey of embracing change with curiosity and hope that it is going to be for the better!!