When bragging your truth is the right thing to do

that time when my pooch was taken to the ER

Hi Gorgeous!

It’s Friday again.
Doesn’t it make you want to dance a tango on a red dress and white flower on your hair? 💃🌼

How are you spending this weekend?

exploring a new place around town? 

chatting about the latest episode of house of cards in the nearest coffee shop?

I’m going to be bragging loud!!

I’m here nodding my head…not able to hide a smile of victory.

Victory of life over death…
And I mean it!!!

But first tell something you believed was possible against all odds...and you're right, you won the battle?

This whole victory feeling began with sucha
Coconut’s blood test came back normal.

YEAH! I had no faith she’d survived when we took her to the emergency care poisoned by a dead mouse, over a month ago.

…and the vets weren’t encouraging AT ALL after seen her blood work.

There was my little puppy, dying before my eyes. Still sniffing here and there. 
I bought into those words…I said my goodbyes. 
I had my cries.

yet, the hero of this story showed up.

Not on a white horse, branding his sword into the air.
But with a scientific mind, seeking on Google late at night for a solution for this rare poison.

My hubby took the lead and believed it was possible to save little pooch. His attitude was contagious. (noticed I’m bragging about him?)

And we worked very hard, with our minds and emotions, they went wild, to have faith and keep our eyes on the outcome…

I silenced my mind and moved along.

And today…roll the drums please…
My heart’s still singing over a happy email with bold letters:

“Bloodwork and urynalysis look great!
All within normal limits.”

Sometimes the odds are against you.
It makes you dig deep INSIDE.
You know there is a place somewhere that trusts you’re doing the right thing.

At times life challenges all: finances, health, safety.
It lands like a hurricane. It spins around striping everything apart.
Who knows why?

Sometimes I imagine life is this immense polisher, who’s obsessed with his sanding machine.

Here’s the thing  whatever hurricane you’re in, trust yourself.

Don’t fall into that temptation: it’s too late, too this or too that!!!

Keep going my friend cause you’ve got this.

Once I heard my real estate mentor saying:

“the messier the situation…the better the story to tell.”

Yes, brag the hell out of it...

Now, all that said, go ahead and post below what you’re bragging about these days. 

If you’re not bragging. Here is your chance. Don’t play humble…do some bragging!
Yes, brag the hell out of it… 

It imprints your God given qualities. The world needs more of your bold moves more than ever.

So go ahead and brag BIG!

Let me cheer you on this.

Sending you so much love, Megan

PS: Spread the love and share this blog with your co-workers and friends. 😘Talk to you soon.

PSS: I’m freaking serious to hear from you.

Megan Powell teaches spirituality all over the country for over 20 years. She advocates that you’re here to explore all facets of life and make the most out of your life. Become insane happy, healthy and wealthy.

I hope you fall madly in love with yourself. You deserve the very best in life!

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