When forming a new habit struggle will you call a time out?

struggle and thrive...

Hi there!

Habits? What are the ones you’re working hard to create or others to maintain?

Some we dream of acquiring it. Like being coffee free. ☕
Actually I gave up on that one. It isn’t going to happen…at least in this life time.

Over the years I developed a few… struggled to let go of a bunch. Few successes here, lots of failure there. I keep celebrating the small steps.🎈🎇🎈🎇

Coconut and I in one of our Summer hikes.

Here's to success! 🍸🍷

1. Journal…📓
It took me years to build a consistent routine. I’d write for awhile and stopped for months and months…

The gratitude thing kept me going. I love track numbers. Since I’m still recording my gratitude days…this writing affair is growing strong. I jot down on a paper whatever I’m grateful about. The mundane of all things. Number one is the house furnace. Try to live without one in this cold weather…⚡💧

Now I know the secret: Write before you know what to write. But it’s still a habit in that, most mornings, I sit down first thing and open it up. I know that the rest of my day will go better if I write a bunch of nonsense at the start of it.
At the very least, few words identifying annoyances… awareness… transformation.

Even Coconut does not want to face the weather

2. Walking the dog
When Coconut showed up in a hot day in mid June I needed to resurrect this habit. It faded away when Cavy, my black lab died. I’ll tell you it isn’t easy to step outside in a single digit temperature. Many times I’m saved by Coconut herself, who doesn’t want to face the cold or the rain either. I love that dog! 🐶💜
Now Summer time isn’t any better. The humidity is furious. Do I need a dog sitter? Yet, my heart is always glad I did.

Boy this is a hard one...

3. Getting things done as they come.
I’m not 100% with this. How do you enjoy your desk flooded with income mail every single day? Once open they reveal the most boring Adm work that you’ve got get done.

Like a call to the real estate commission or to the IRS. After you’ve been put on hold… FOREVER, an uninterested person answers on the other side of the line, and doesn’t understand my accent either. I wonder if she’s polishing her nails while talking on the phone.📞📠

I place those incoming letters at the bottom of the “to do pile.” ‘Til they show up screaming: “NEXT!”
Many times when I’m ready to tackle the task, the due date expired and I’m fighting not to get stressed and promise myself: “next time…”

Habits I'm still working on!

At least, I start each day with a good resolve and a bunch of deep breaths.

4. Drop the chocolate bites 
Bad habit reacquired during the holiday season. All began with an innocent crunchy pack of potato chips. Yet, delicious it brought me heart burn. So I traded for ONLY “one bite” of chocolate after dinner. In the name of keeping healthy, ’cause “it’s good for you type of thing”, I choose dark chocolate with peanuts.

YeAh! The one bite grew into a whole tablet. And then a headache that follows. Well I cut it down to one single bite…Okay a few.
The headache still there so I’m working to let go of it completely.😨

5. House cleaning
Ah, the joy of  a clean house…like those pictured on Better Homes and Gardens.
Not mine for sure. After all these years… I’m still struggling to stick to a day on a calendar that I faithful perform: a so called “faxina” (a Brazilian cleaning style. We scrub the house from top to bottom in one day.)
There I am day dreaming of wearing a plaid apron with big side pockets, a cute pony tail, a fun song blasting on the smart phone, holding a mop, a cleaning cloth, swirling around the living room making all shine.

Nope...not me in my world.🤔

Everything takes precedence over squeegeeing the floors or dusting the furniture. I already contemplated purchasing a romba. But, I felt cheap to invest almost half thousand dollars on it.

When I’m in Conway, my hubby, happy, with his new toy, vacuums weekly. It seems so easy!!!
Now I’m back in Maryland. Who is going to volunteer? Well I guess I have to man up… some day.

Next habit I'm dreaming of

Working on it! Or, at least, I plan to start working on it.
I’m not sure what angel 🤷‍♂️ to call to help me perform such a miracle. Yet, it’s in my list. I accept suggestion if you have any.

I’ll keep you posted.

Much love💖, Megan

ps – What about you? Any new habits you’ve formed? Post what you’re up to. I love this stuff.

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