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School of Presence


This practical course aims to connect your emotional intelligence, physical body and mind. When all layers of the self are integrated you cannot help but become one with your life force. This program happens once a year. Hit the button below to be notified when enrollment opens.  

Meditation Academy

Online Course

Your mind needs a rest. It thinks a lot, it is in charge of everything you do. It never rests.

Give it a break. Learn to relax and nourish yourself with silence and peace.

Through meditations, visualizations and breathing exercises you create a new relationship with your mind.

Connecting mind, body awareness and emotional intelligence is key to peace, power and energy to create a freaking awesome Life! 

Leading with Clarity and Presence

Are you on a path of guiding others? Do you feel exhausted after a client 's session? This program is packed with content to teach and facilitate healing. Tap into clarity and confidence. Learn how to prepare yourself for a session, how to set up a safe container for your client to feel safe and open up. How to take your session to a new level by reading the body's energy present in the room. As a result you will feel more confident and present to yourself and your clients. Consequently you will deepen your spiritual path! This is a six weeks program - This program is currently full. Please email us to put your name on a waiting list.

Renew, Review and Reclaim - One on one coaching program

This program is 12 weeks long.

We’ll begin writing your life journey, reflecting and journaling.

Another aspect of the program includes deep inquiry, creative mandala and guided meditation.

  • You’ll understand the role of your mind and your body.
  • And process your deepest emotional wounds.
  • This process will awaken your core intelligence.
  • Furthermore we will bring together the wisdom of your feelings and physical body.
  • Finally from this place you will learn to trust your deep intuition and certainly make decisions with clarity.
  • This program is a deep journey into the soul.

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  • Core Connection - Foundation Course
  • Train the Trainer Program


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