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My unique signature talk

  • Ignites the inner fire
  •  Connect to the emotional intelligence
  •  Tips to integrate and care for the physical body
  • And techniques to tame the chat in the mind.

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Short bio

Striving to find her way in this crazy world, Megan is a small business owner, a real estate investor and a coach.

She is a speaker, an emotional healer, and a passionate yoga teacher.

Megan seeks the beauty and wisdom of Life on and off her mat.

Her tools are an invitation to her clients and students to deep one’s connection with themselves and all aspects of life through imagery and ancient wisdom.

She inspires and uplifts the lonely and those looking for to live their purpose.

She motivates them to let go of old believes and stories that no longer serve, creating an opening for insights to emerge.

She is described as an ’embodiment of presence’, as a result she facilitates positive transformation.

She loves to cuddle with her dog coconut, spend time in nature, and read a mystery book.

Megan is based out of Frederick, MD. When not home she is joying giving motivational speeches, leading workshops and retreats.

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Scott P.

Dear Megan,

Wow! I love watching your video message of life transformation which is powerful and personal. The wisdom of gratitude becomes so accessible as you tell your story crisis and resolution. Your courage, vulnerability and commitment is poignant–a great lesson for any of us to remember as we navigate our own challenges.

Waiting for your next reveal.

Yvonne M.

Megan, I delighted in watching this presentation about gratitude and transformation. The revelation that gratitude is emotional intelligence and opens the heart, provides another tool to use when the harsh voices start their attacks. Thank you for the invitation to step into the garden of my heart

Becky N.

Megan Powell has a uniquely positive explanation on how gratitude helped her deal with the emotions of negative thoughts that we all get in our life. She is funny and brings laughter to the audience. I will work on thinking about creating gratitude for myself. Thank you for opening up a new way to help us be happier in our lives.

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