Are you at risk of catching an emotional cold?


What is your fave place to hang around? That type of spot that brings you comfort. It fills you up with kinda of an emotional bowl of ice cream, maybe pecan pie for the soul if you’re dairy intolerant…

I love bookshops. B&N lives in my heart. I visit it when I’m craving a soul connection with the Universe!!

I’m addicted to keep browsing those bool shelves. Enjoying mixed smells of paper, glue, ink, dust and coffee.📚 ☕

I was 9 year old when I fell for a huge bookshop, covered with books of all kind. It was located next door to my mom’s apartment building.

Useless to say I spent few hours skimming magazines, comics, romances, word puzzles…You’ find me there after school every single day. Big brown eyes… hungry reader.

Well, I was at B & N today...

…doing my thing: checking the released titles for the new year.

Coconut, my puppy, was a bummer pulling me to meet whoever she saw.

Interrupting my serious affair…sniffing here and there.

Greeting everyone in the store. Giving them an emotional boost. 🐕💃
As if management hired her to make all customers feel welcome…and acquire a book or two.

Between one person and other thanking me for receiving Coconut’s attention. I juggled glancing over the titles on that big table at the front of the store.

Yes, a huge display made of heaven material.

I had to start breathing. My little girl, feeling in Disney world, was taking over and began throwing a tantrum for me to take those books home!!

Imagine all of your fave goodies seating right in front of you? You’d not resist either.

Best subjects on the planet: meditation, emotional detox, intentions, floral journals and that one at the corner of the table talking about empathy.

Empathy !?!

Ops… that one title made my eyes brows lift. Is it a new thing now or what?

That’s right, empathy is the newest trendy word. 

An empathyc or a a high sensitive person (HSP), feels in their body everything other people are feeling.

It’s like catching a cold. You don’t see it, but feels the effect on your heart and mood.

These challenging vibes, other word for emotions, are low in vibration and rob vitality. ‘Cause it triggers our own unresolved emotional issues. 😱

Are you one of those people?
In case you’re nodding yes, with eyes as wide as a white cup saucer, discovering why you feel so uneasy when visiting Aunt Annie.

Rest assured, you’re not alone…

Empathycs of this world please take good care of yourself. Honor your own energy.

Know that your compassionate heart feels everything people around you’re feeling. 😔 💜

I invite you to replace your old perspective to a new way of being in life.
You ARE you period, and growing boundaries is essential.
so your body knows the difference between your energy and of those around you.

Than decide if you want to stick around and offer help or run miles away from that person or situation.

Here's how to get rid of that burden in 03 steps:

1) Connect with your body: Take few deep breathes.

Stand up legs parallel to each other: feel your toes, sole and arch of your feet against the floor.
Place your hands on the heart (continue deep breathing)

  • Name how your body feels out loud: tension on my shoulders, my heart feels contracted, heaviness, difficult to breathe“, and so on.

2) Let go of that low frequency: Set a clear intention to release those negative vibes.
I know this next one may feel weird (make sure no one is watching you.)

  • While standing with feet parallel, shake each one of your joints for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • You may repeat: “I let go…it is not mine. I offer to the Earth.”

Yes, the electromagnetic field of the Earth can take care of that for you (more of that scientific facts some other day) .

3) Visualize a bright light enveloping and protecting you.

  • Affirm that your essence is pure light and love. This is who you are babe. Affirm it even if you doubt my words.
  • Your real self, deep within you, knows the truth. and it’s waiting for your invitation.

unconditional love

To love you unconditionally 💖💕😘 

Don’t internalized that stuff your body is picking up.

You have a choice. In each moment.
Choose to restore harmony in your emotions, body and mind.

If you want to have few sessions with me to learn how to release this stuff send me an email.

You’ll be glad you did!!

Sending you so much love, Megan

PS: Spread the love and share this blog with your co-workers and friends. 😘Talk to you soon.

Megan Powell teaches spirituality all over the country for over 20 years. She love emotional healing.

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