In the World of Confessions and What Makes You Free

There are tough times in life.
Don’t worry! Lean into this ancient tool.

I was burning on a fire of life In the past couple of weeks. I’ll name just the big ones, sparing you the lengthy details. A driver missed the stop sign and hit my car, please don’t worry, no one got hurt. A flooded basement caused by a leaky fridge. They were the culprit that led me to a melt down on my neighbors’ shoulders. Need to say, the tea was delicious. Hey! Trying to see the bright side of things.

Get the idea?

Now picture this: I’m standing in a middle of a towing lot, under heavy winds and rain, figuring out how to transport a damaged car 130 miles away from home. And getting home myself.  How do I keep cool and keep moving on? ‘Cause the only choice I had was to keep moving on. 
This video reveals the ancient teachings I leaned on to keep my marbles from falling. And I bet it will help you too. 

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