What does Fake until you Make REALLY Mean?

I hated this expression...

“Fake until you make” is a popular expression that I heard within my first year of arriving in America.
A group of friends and I were sipping a mint mocha in a cold January day. We were setting our new year’s resolution, when a heated discussion started: should we or should we not “Fake until we make”?
Both sides were very convincing in one way or the other.
My broke English did not allow me to express how I felt.
There was a part of me that understood the meaning of speaking the reality you want to live in.
And the other part of me, feeling tired of lies and half truths could not agree with such a thing.
It took me so long to understand the meaning of the expression “fake until you make” meant to me.
I came to side with those who hated this expression. Because I TRULY believe in authenticity and sincerity.
It was many years later…
I was very committed on following my spiritual path, when I realized the deep meaning of “Fake until you make.”
Life brought me to my knees when my finances and career broke apart.
At that point I realized that Life was asking of me more than being a victim.
The only option I had was to empower myself in order to support my family.
Watch this 5 minutes video below.
And share with me what the expression “Fake until you make means to you.”

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