What’s the choice that makes you happy?

Are you enjoying this kinda of Spring break? šŸŒ¼šŸŒ¹

Hi there!

Maryland has been FOREVER cold…

Actually, I’ve never experiencedĀ a single digit temperature in my life before.ā›„

Remember I’m that girl from Rio de Janeiro? The “garota de Ipanema” (the girl from Ipanema) walking down the beach under almost a 100oF. šŸ˜Ž

<< Test First Name >>Ā IĀ sprinted, as if myĀ life dependedĀ on it, from the ‘calcadao’ (the side walk) to the wet sand.
in order to prevent blisters from popping up during theĀ eternal 4-5 minutes stretch of sand the ocean of sand.

In factĀ this belowĀ freezing weather isĀ kinda of cool.
First when IĀ tell my friends in BrazilĀ about the adventure of living in a freezer…cause it’s impossible to get out of the house for the fun of it.

I can see their jaws dropping and words of prayers flying over to heavens.
Their fears and swearing that they’d NEVER experience such a fate in life.

In such warm times the heart sings again. šŸ’–

Yeah, it’s sad to admit that my mind lives in a past.
It horrifiesĀ my ideal self to say OUTLOUD:
“I live in a past everybody.”Ā šŸ˜±

How could be any different?
How I’d function without knowing where those packs of OreoĀ or a can of spaghetti sauce are?

And… I trip onĀ my preferences:
“Please give me aĀ šŸ§šŸ¤”
frapuccino machiatto with almond milk, double the caramelĀ sauce and no whipping cream.
Unless your whipping cream is dairy free?

Size? Do you have a half grande?”
…’Cause it’s the right amount of calories I allow myself to consume.
in this indulgent (and unnecessary) treat.

“Let go” isn’t something the mind wants to do. It’s equal to death.
And who wants to die? To lose control?

Life exists on Earth ’cause it seeks survival above all things.

Don’t despair yet grasshopper…there is hope.

The good news is...well, there's lots of good news.

1. Admit uncertainty sucks!Ā 
I can see my grandioseĀ junkie self vomiting: “Yes life give me more uncertainty. I want to look deep and spiritual.”Ā noddingĀ its head with a dignified flair.Ā šŸ¤Ŗ

It sounds so amazing when Ekhart Tole says:

(Oh by the way aĀ fave quote)

“when one is comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities opens up.”

This little self widens my eyes just like Rick Ricardo in "I Love Lucy."

Uncertainty is scary. It’s supposed to be scary. Survival is at stake.

Did I mean steak?
I’mĀ entitled to have my version of steak (vegan steak, granola steak, real steak) on the table whenever cravings stop by to visit.

2. Don’t fight biologyĀ šŸ§ Ā šŸ„“
Science is very clear: there is no point to duel with nature.
Biology always win.
IĀ lostĀ many argumentsĀ over hidden childhood beliefs, hormones level, neuron paths, hot flashes,Ā lack of or overdose of insulin.Yes, in those instancesĀ my opinions how things should be or not, made no sense.
Yet, I admit this lack of will power will prevail unlessĀ I befriend the beast:Ā in this case my mind.

3. Good habitsĀ areĀ possibleĀ 

And I’m thrilled to invite you to join me in this venture. Life is a mystery. Let’s explore it together. Holding hands.
Tip toeing to decipher the puzzles your brain is holding.

Start rehearsing your goodbyes to whatever is holding you back.Ā šŸ™
A BIG tchaw, sayonara, ate logo, au revoir!Ā 
I’m revealing more info early next week. Stay tuned to learn about this group program. And makeĀ a great time of your year.

that’s it for today little tomato!Ā šŸ„°šŸ˜‡

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Muchā¤ļøļø, Megan

P.S. – *Sometimes I spell a word funny intentionally. I don’t want these to end up in spam.

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