When I realize life is short and it’s Valentines

The light within me greets the light within you🌼🌹

And because it was Valentines, I took a yoga class under candle lights. Actually with low lights. It felt like candles…

And the teacher was this gorgeous Goddess, that came out of a mystic place from Nirvana. Her velvet voice guiding the flow.🤷‍♂️💃

I hope you felt very special too.
Since a day like yesterday one’s can feel overwhelmed by joy or loneliness.

Whatever was your mood or celebration I got something for you.🌹

An inspiration from my heart to you.

Happy (delayed ) Valentines’ day!!

Life is short.
A drop, a grain of sand or a breeze in a cool Summer night.✨

I pray that
you enjoy those you love.
you enjoy your kindness and resilience.
you enjoy your open smile.
you enjoy those mundanes tasks that keep life sane.
you enjoy your presence.
you enjoy your words of wisdom.
you enjoy your responsibilities.
you enjoy those infectious belly laughter
’cause there will be tears too.

you enjoy your wild, silly, sexy, free spirit.
you enjoy your God given talents.
you enjoy your dogs, cats and other ones too!!

you enjoy the start line…we never know when the end is near.
you enjoy listening with your whole being.
you enjoy the fruits of your hard work (you deserve them.)
you enjoy those times you put yourself out there.
you enjoy your fire and dedication.
you enjoy the world around you.

You fall in love┬ábeing YOU.😘

P.S. If there’s someone in your life who needs an appreciation note forward this onto them.

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