How to Bring your Genius Out

Stop the struggle. Find clarity.

How does your genius talk to you? We all have one. Are you allowing your genius to come alive in every area of life?

Some call living your life purpose, others: use your inborn talent. I like to refer as living your genius.

I invite your genius to show up to those most BORING, repetitive tasks.

We tend to think that our genius should bloom for those “most important” projects.
However, many teachers say those mundane chores are the portal to enlightenment.

Mother Teresa once said: “Do the ordinary things with so much love that they become extraordinary.”

Finding Freedom

 Yes, we need your genius to be free from fear of everything you do.

After all WHY settle for less?

Give it all!
Otherwise we’ll be bored most of the time.

You are here to live a life well lived.
Be assured that when giving your BEST to everything you become fully ALIVE.
We could approach the most tedious tasks with genius in a form of curiosity and good intentions.

Decide to inhabit your body.

How do we do the laundry or wash the dishes? With reverence, or with our mind scattered in thousands thoughts?
GROUND, observe those thoughts and let them fade away.

Show up fully to whatever life throws at you.

I’m very impatient when it comes to long hours drive

Once I discovered that during those 8 hours trip there was plenty of time to chant along my fave CD.

So there I go, cruising the country roads blasting the sound on high volume.

There are so many ways to ground…

and by the way grounding is another pathway to release your genius.
First, it connects your body and resets your mind.

In addition you are tapping to a greater genius: mother Earth.
Put your feet on a grass daily for few minutes and see your stress dissolves and insights emerge.

Search on you tube and find all sorts of ways to get grounded: breathing exercise, walking meditation, self Reiki and so many more.

Name it, you get it!

You can do this!

Living in this body brings so much more fun and allow a full living experience!!
Part of  grounding is processing our emotions, training our thoughts and discharging our daily stress to the Earth.

It energizes and connects us to our core intelligence and intuition.
We are renewed and ready to act from a place of creativity.

Do you think I am kidding?
Try for yourself.

Remember that boredom that rises when a basket full of fresh laundry is in front of you? Who wants to fold those hundred pieces of clothes, right?

Here is a chance to put this to test. Before starting the laundry, play your fave song very loud and dance for at least 5 minutes.
You’ll be amazed how you’re going to flow!
Let go of a busy mind. Engage in life. Bring out your genius to the most boring activities.

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